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One among the best in providing Air Handling Unit Solutions, CVR Aircon has gained a reputed name in the market and has evolved into creating new definitions for Air Handling technology. With a rich expertise in giving perfect solutions, CVR Aircon has paved way to break the illusion, where there was a traditional view that AHUs can’t be installed.

Covering the whole TamilNadu market, we grow in a rapid manner, day-by-day. Adding more and more feathers to our crown, we have more than 200 clients, who have discovered us, as their best partners to provide Air Handling innovative solutions.

The base of CVR Aircon was ICS(Innovative Cooling Services), which was established in 2010. ICS is committed to maintain standards that are demanded by the best companies in this field.

To be the leader among the competitive market Scenario, we have our specialized Research &Development(R&D) department, which finds solutions for any technology related issues and creates innovative methodologies to make our product cost and energy effective.

We emphasize in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long-term relationships with our customers. We don’t believe in the policy of ‘Sell and Forget’. Rather we believe in ‘Buy and Forget’, i.e we give the customers the confidence that after buying the product they don’t have to worry about the maintenance, as we provide the best customer support service.

When it comes to installation of the product, we have an expert team to find the best place suitable for the machine to do its work. And we provide you all the necessary accessories, required for the operation of the equipment and hence ours is a ‘one stop solution’ for your Air Handling Unit requirements.

And last but not the least, we also provide our services in a very nominal cost, when compared to our competitors


Exploring your requirements, CVR Aircon progresses to think about your apt needs, and facilitates to choose the right solution. We understand that you just don’t implement, but sow seeds of your future in your projects. So we promise you to give the best.

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