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Annual Maintenance Contract

AMC plays a key role in the maintenance of AHUs. Our clients do not hesitate to sign AMCs with us, as they believe strongly about our service, not merely by papers, but after experiencing the effectiveness of the product. We clean the AHUs completely, making way to increase the performance and to decrease the current consumption. Our clients understand the need and profit of signing an AMC with us, as they do care that their investments should be well protected.

Periodic Maintenance Contract

Periodic maintenance contract focuses on maintenance of the product in regular intervals. Certain machineries where intermittent checks are necessary, Periodic maintenance Contracts come into picture. We serve the above type of requirements with man power of enriched expertise. Periodic maintenance Contracts is inevitable in industries where the equipments are used for a large extent and where the general wear and tear is considerably more.

Energy Efficient Ventilation Solutions

We offer ventilation solutions in an energy efficient manner. Using the right technology, we improve the heating and cooling efficiency of the equipment that we supply. Our ventilation system targets primarily to prevent damp and condensation. We also bring down your cost, that you spend towards heating and cooling.