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Standard Air Handling Units


Standard Air handling units are conventional units, which are designed for regular usage needs. Using high quality raw materials, Standard Air handling units are designed with giving more importance to the safety and noise free usage factors. High performance is also a key role which is taken into consideration while designing these Standard Air Handling units.

Standard Air handling units are used in Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. Apart from these, Standard AHUs are used for a variety of purposes like Hospitals, Industries etc..

Applications :

* Used in regular and conventional areas.
* Quiet and noise free.
* Easy to install.
* Easy to service.
* Weather proof.

Customized Air Handling Units

These AHUs are designed based on the requirements of the customer. In this type of units, the application of the AHUs is the key focus. These type of AHUs can be customized based on the moisture content necessary for the place, quantity of air circulation,etc. Our R&D team, specifically designs these customized air handling units based on the application of the customer.

Customized Air handling units are used in Packing Industries, Water treatment plants, Food Industries, Plastic Molding Industries etc.

Applications :

* Custom oriented design.
* Can be tuned for dynamic purposes.
* Heat Resistant.

Clean Room Air Handling Units

Our Clean room Air handling units are designed with primary target of cleanliness of the surrounding in which it is used. Our clean room AHUs are created with low consumption and effective performance targets. Meeting International Standards, these type of AHUs are worked with germ protection layers to improve the quality of air which is circulated inside the space. These layers purify the air which is coming inside and reduces the impurities.

Clean room AHUs are used in Cinema Theatres, Operation Theatres, Restaurants, Food Packing Areas etc.

Applications :

* Focused on cleanliness.
* Purifies the air.
* Germ Protection layers.

Fresh Air Units

As an English proverb says ‘Opinion Differs’, we understand the view of the customers where ‘Requirement Differs’. Among problems of polluted air, water tight compartments and less chances of outlet, customers approach us to give solutions, which makes them unbound from all these hindrance. We in turn provide them our Fresh Air Units which satisfies all their necessities. Being Cost effective and highly efficient in performance our Fresh Air Units play a vital role in our customer’s life.

Unlike the regular space occupying AHUs, our customers fulfill their desire with compact Fresh Air Units in their commercial outlets.

Treated Fresh Air Units

Treated Fresh Air Units are used in Industries where Hazardous Contaminants emanate. Our Treated Fresh Air Units use multistage layers of filters to get rid of toxic pollutants. Outside air is treated and supplied continuously through fans to make the space ‘fresh’. Treated Fresh Air Units are less messy and takes up less space. Most of the industries require temperature friendly and relative humidity controlled environment, for which the fresh air should be treated. The Blower and motor used in Treated Fresh Air Units are designed with utmost carefulness to make the air less pollute.

Ventilation Units

Ventilation units are designed with the aim of ventilating the pollutants in an energy effective manner. The air distributed is optimally enabled to flow freely even in critical areas where space is the constraint.

Our ventilation units are corrosion free and sturdy, to face variations in temperature and to withstand rugged constructional areas. Our Ventilation Units are used in wide range of applications and we follow stringent tests to measure the accuracy of our product before installation.